Advent Calendar with Santa's Notes stamps

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Hey! It's Kasia here with little Christmas inspiration for you! A while ago I decided to make my own Advent Calendar for this holiday season and I'd love to show you my finish project today!

It's really simple project- just bunch of tiny paper bags with some paint, tags and washi on them,  but what makes it spark in my opinion are all the little details which come from stamps!

I used Neat and Tangled Santa's Notes set which is full of cute little elements perfect for filling up white space on my calendar's bags- snowflakes, little stars and symbols made a great job here!

I used black ink and stamped few times without re-inking the stamp- thanks to that the images came out a bit imperfect and chaotic with different intensity- I really like this effect on my projects!

I also used the small swirly sweet image from the set and painted it with some watercolor pencils- another cute and quick detail which I totally adore! I've used this stamp on most of my Christmas projects this year :)
Below I have some details of finished bags for you:

and here are all the bags together. I really like them like this!

We put some sweet surprises in them as well as some fun activities to do together while waiting for Santa to come ;)

So.... how about you? Are you making your own Advent Calendar this year? There is still some time and it's really nice project to whip up before December! Have fun using your Neat and Tangled stamps while doing that- they are perfect not only for cards but for all sort of crafts as you can see! 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. A-Mazing! LOVE this project!!!

  2. wow these are amazing...awesome advent calendar

  3. What an amazing project Kasia! Great inspiration.

  4. Wow! I've been seeing a lot of advent calendars--yours is so cool!

  5. Wow Wow Wow! This is such an awesome Advent calendar! I don't even know what to say! Wow! Your photos are fabulous Kasia!!!

  6. This is beautiful and oh so fun.


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