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Well, after some motivation and inspiration from blogging friends I decided to do a video share.  I've always wanted to do videos, just never had the courage. You'd think that since I used to be a teacher talking on camera to others wouldn't be a big deal, but I think it's even harder! I'd pick a room full of teenagers over my peers any day.

The video pretty much speaks for itself. Apologies for the terrible lighting, but there isn't much I can do about it. I tried to wait until there was some sun coming in, but it is the basement so it's pretty limited. I also kind of zip around my Copic area so I hope it doesn't make you dizzy.

As for my stamp storage, I used to have them all in baskets but switched to the binders a few months back.  It's easier for me because I actually do a lot of planning and sketching ahead of time. I can bring my binders upstairs and flip through while getting lunch ready/watching a movie/sitting outside etc.  I used to bring the baskets up but that was more of a pain for me, plus it was too easy for small hands to pull things out. Downside of the mini-binders is room. They are all currently bulging so I need to get more = takes up more space. If I didn't do so much moving of the stamps I would probably have kept them in the baskets.

As a reminder you can see a video of my old craft room in this post.

So here's my new and improved space. It's not completely finished, but pretty close. I have a little art table and some bins to hang for G so he can craft along with me since he is very into drawing and coloring now. It is also in need of some pictures on the walls.

Well I'm off to enjoy this chilly Monday morning...already looking forward to the weekend!


  1. Hey! Look at that awesome Copic storage !!! :) Your room is so clean! Wow! :) What a nice space!

  2. Loved it! We just moved this weekend so this is my first 'break' to visit blogs in eons and it was so fun to watch your video. Especially the shot of your belly at the very end. :) Thanks for the peek into your creative space!

  3. Your room looks great! I love how organized everything is. And considering how many supplies you have it must have taken forever.

    As someone who doesn't make cards, I would love to see how to make one start to finish. After seeing how many supplies you have I'm interested to see what each of them do.

  4. Your space is awesome! And I'm so jealous of those drawers from Ikea. They look so nice.

    I was also happy to hear your Michael's cube drawers squeak when you close them. Mine are SO OBNOXIOUS!! lol

    Can't wait to see more videos from you.

    Also, your baby bump was adorable. :-)

  5. What a great crafty space! I subscribed and left you a comment on YouTube. :o)

  6. Love your craft room! I can't find those drawers at my 'local' ikea so I had to make do with plastic ones when kitting out my new craft room. They're alright I guess.

    And I store my clear and cling stamps the same way you do!

    It's always fun to see what other people do with space and how they organise things so thanks for sharing. And your video quality was fine! And the lighting was fine! And you didn't say umm too much at all :)

  7. Your room has come up so well Danielle! Is it always so clean?...mine is always a big mess :) Thanks so much for sharing, it was a great video.


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