Sunday Funday

No card today folks, just a little sharing.

39+ weeks in all my glory
I did some shopping this week. You know, a little treat for myself.  I had ordered a pair of TOMS like a month ago. Sadly they were too small, so I had to exchange them.  I was so happy when my new pairt arrived this week!  I know people either love them or hate them, so if you hate them please don't comment. I wore them tonight for the first time and they were sooo comfortable. The are very much my style, relaxed.
 Last year we got a TON of snow and I did not have boots so I resorted to wearing old sneakers. I also didn't have boots for G, so this year I was super proactive and picked up snow boots for both of us. (Of course this year we won't get any snow, just because I bought boots). Found these babies at Target. I also got a few loose fitting shirts and sweaters for post-maternity wear. (Although I recall living in yoga pants and t-shirts for like the first month after G).
Tonight we are having our usual Sunday family dinner.  Hard to believe next time it will be +1. Hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was spent running a few last minute errands and enjoying time together as a family.  Our last baby free weekend.

While I won't be doing a whole lot of crafting for the next month I am super excited for the things I have lined up to share with you.  A giveaway, guest bloggers, collaboration week, DIY projects, videos! and cards I made ahead of time.  I hope you'll stick with me on this journey :o)


  1. I hope that this isn't insulting - but wow you're huge!! hehe :)

    I hope you have a great time with the new baby and I look forward to seeing the projects you've got lined up in your absence :)

  2. Good morning you look AMAZING ...... I am just saying it is Sunday and if you are looking to bring on the labor have a Brat and Beer ~~ Anton was here 2 days later and still loves Brats and Beer :) Here is to hoping for a pain free delivery and sleep!!! Cheers~~

  3. well at 39+ weeks you look beautiful! i have to find me some Toms :) they are cute and look so comfortable.

  4. You look great! Good luck this week. :) :) Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Danielle I love it !!
    Although I wore vertical stripes in my 39 week picture, and now when I look back at it I think...I was never that big it must have been the stripes !!

    Best of luck with your labour. I'll be visiting for the goodies lined up, and of course for a baby pic or two !!

  6. Danielle you do look so well and happy. I hope this next month brings you lots of joy, best of luck. Hugs Judith

  7. Danielle, you look glowing!!. Best Wishes for your upcoming delivery and new baby!! You really do sound so very organized!!
    Looking forward to all your goodies over the next few months. Hugs to you and your (growing) family! :)


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