Still Here (Barely)

Blog world, how I've missed you!  

I'm so sorry to have been m.i.a for the past week or so, we have had a few lovely rounds of illness going around our house. God forbid we all just get sick at once and be done, instead it's been like hot potato passing it around and around.  I've been spending my free time either sleeping or disinfecting. Today is the first day I had the energy to actually pull out my lap top.  Tomorrow my goal is to craft....I literally have 3 boxes of goodies that arrived just before the plague hit, so I am itching to use them!

Thanks for those of you who have contacted me to see if all was well :o) So nice to be missed!

I'll also have a few pictures of the basement progress...slow but steady.  We are planning a trip to Ikea in the next week or so and I am so excited!

Goodnight friends!


  1. Sorry that you have all been sick Danielle, but glad to see you are feeling better :) Enjoy you new goodies.

  2. Sorry to hear you've all been sick - feel better soon and enjoy your crafting :)

  3. I am so pleased that you can finally hop off that sleeping\disinfecting treadmill. Here's hoping for days of uninterrupted restorative sleep for you plus whatever else takes your fancy. Hugs.

  4. Glad to hear you are all on your way out of sick land! I hope you all have immunity now! Take care!

  5. Hey, Danielle! Hope you're starting to feel better! It's been so quiet here! Hopefully you've been able to craft while you've been "away" and you'll have lots of stuff to show us when you get back to blogging. I used your ribbon on a card for a challenge the other day and was one of the runner-ups! It's gorgeous, and it adds so much.

    Come back soon!

  6. I hope all your renovations are going well. Miss your entertaining posts.


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