A New Beginning

I signed up and created this blog several months ago. I was so anxious- what will be my first witty and inspiring post? Should I introduce myself? Tell a funny story? Share a recipe? A picture?

Then reality struck, who in the world is going to read this??? I don't have any followers. (Enter the several week hiatus I took from my non-existent blog) But I sit here now, with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and glass of wine, taking the plunge. I have to start somewhere, the beginning, I suppose.

So welcome to anyone who stumbles across this page. Maybe you'll even enjoy what I have to share. If not, well, you wasted a few minutes of your life. I openly admit that I waste at least 30 minutes of my time a day on the internet, so you're not alone.

And when you find this Mom, which knowing your technological ability could take years, thanks for babysitting last night!

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