Cardmaking in Bulk: Same Same or Different?

Lately I've been making lots of cards in bulk. In the last month or so I've made 6 we're moving cards, 12 teacher appreciation cards, and 18 farewell to friends cards. So it's fair to say I've learned a thing or two about how to go about doing this as quickly and easily as possible, which is good because now I've got a bunch of thankyou cards to make too!!

My first trick is to keep them to a smaller size - that means there's less real estate to fill up. I like to do 4x4" folded cards because it's easy to cut these out of 12x12" cardstock and get four to each sheet.

The next trick is to figure out a design that doesn't include too many elements, and then just do one part of the design on all the cards, progressively moving through them. For example, for these cards I started off by stamping 8 mice and cutting them out. Then I did 8 flower-beds. Next I did 8 speech bubbles.... you get the idea!

My dilemma with bulk cardmaking is always this.... do I make every single card exactly the same, or do I change it up each time? Making them the same is certainly the easiest and the quickest route. Once you've figured out the original design you don't have to do any more decision-making. But it does slightly bore me creatively!

In my video today I'm going to share with you my solution as I show you the process behind these cards. It's about keeping the same overall design, but just changing one thing each time. It's the best of both worlds!

Products Used: 

Neat and Tangled Schoolhouse Stamps
Neat and Tangled Schoolhouse Dies
Neat and Tangled Bloom Stamps
Neat and Tangled Bloom Dies
Neat and Tangled Square Thoughts Stamps
Neat and Tangled Square Thoughts Dies
Neat and Tangled Rice Paddies Stencil 
Neat and Tangled Fairy Garden Sequin Mix
Neat and Tangled Lucky Stars Dies


  1. Hi Natalie, your cards are adorable! So many great ideas. Your nails are so cute, too!

    1. Thanks Laura!
      And yes, I've recently discovered Jamberry's and since I'm on maternity leave at the moment I can actually DO my nails!! It's so fun!

  2. So clever! All the same, yet different. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

    1. Sticking with the same process helps keep it quick, but changing up the design slightly helps keep my creative heart happy!

  3. Thanks a lot for these advice...the size is a great idea!


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