Coffee and Friends | VIDEO with Natalie

To be fair there's nothing quite the same as getting a new stamp set in your hands as you wonder about all the possibilities it holds. But today I'm wanting to change tack a little bit and get you thinking about how you can use some of your older stamps in new ways by mixing and matching various sets you have in your collection.

Although on first impressions it might seems like all the stamps I've used here were made to work together, they actually come from THREE different sets (and their matching dies).
I've used 'Perfect Blend' for the sentiment and the coffee cup, 'Lumberjack Love' for the girl, and 'Floral Heart' for... well...... the floral heart! 

Here's some tips to keep in mind when mixing and matching stamp sets:
  • Start by picking a sentiment that inspires you to create a scene
  • Choose images that work together to build that scene
  • Keep in mind the scale of your different elements - they shouldn't be too disproportionate
  • Sticking with a simple colour scheme helps the images appear even more cohesive

In my video today I'm going to share my process of creating this card from start to finish. Not only will you get an insight into my inspiration and how I built up the idea from there, but you'll also get an peek into my real life such as how I store my stamps, and how I create with my kids around ;-)


Do you mix and match your stamp sets? Which sets have you combined before? Share in the comments because I'm sure we'd all love to check them out!



  1. Clever card. Moriah sounds extremely cute.

    1. She always wants to 'help' out in my videos and she's made many appearances in them over the last few years ;-)

  2. What a great looking card! Great tips too!

  3. What a nice card...I love the colors....

    1. The colour choice is something a bit different that my usual go-to scheme. But I really like how it worked together and reminded me of coffee colours!


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