Cutting with the Doily Envelope Die | Natalie Elphinstone

Have you been lucky enough to get your hands on the Doily Envelope Die yet? It was originally part of the February release but sold out really quickly. Fortunately it's back in stock again (and continues to sell like hot-cakes!) and can be found HERE in the shop.

This die is quite large (over 5x10"), and is exquisite in it's intricate detail. It makes the most gorgeous A2 envelopes when assembled, and makes a valuable addition to your cardmaking stash.

However, both of these attributes (it's size, and its detail) can set up a few challenges for getting a perfect cut every time and we've had a few questions from customers asking for advice on how to get the best out of their new die set.

In my video today I wanted to share with you just some of the tips and tricks I've learned to help you get precision cuts from your intricate dies such as the Doily Envelope.

Some of the common advice you may have already heard is that you need an extended platform and a metal shim for your die-cutting machine. Now certainly both of these will make it much easier to cut, but I'll also teach you what to do if you don't have either of these.


I imagine there are probably more tricks that other people know as well and we value your input. If you have any other advice for getting sharp cuts every time we would love to hear it! Please share in the comments section!

And thanks for joining with me today. I'll see you again soon! 


  1. It's gonna become addictive...LOL!!!

  2. Beautiful results; however, very time consuming!

  3. Does one need a Big Shot Plus to use the die or can the normal Big Shot cut it?

  4. Any chance you could make the Doily Envelope design into a one piece die measuring 4.25 x 5.5? Ideally, in addition to the cut line around the perimeter, it would also have a cut line immediately outside the gorgeous hemstitch pattern. That would give us two pieces that could be used separately or together. This pattern is so lovely that it would be wonderful to have this option. This die would make a gorgeous background without having to do any piecing. Thanks for listening!


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