Cupcake Magnets

I had this idea back in March release when I saw the Sketchy Cupcake set, making interchangeable muffin tops and bottoms!  So here are my Cupcake Magnets!

There are four interchangeable muffin tops, each decorated a little differently.  There are also two muffin bottoms for a muffin boy and girl.

Muffin Magnets

Here, I've switched the yellow muffin top with a green striped muffin top.

Muffin Magnets - Close Up

And here are all the muffin tops decorated with sequins, rhinestones, glitter and buttons.  Each muffin top and bottom has a strong magnet attached to it which allows easy customization.

Muffin Magnets - Close Up

Decorating the muffin tops were super fun!  I can definitely see myself creating more of these little guys.

-- pamela


  1. OMG!!! absolutely adorable!!!! wow!!!!! this is just a genius idea, and i'm completely stunned by it!! how FUN!!!

  2. Those are so cute. Would be great fun!

  3. These are adorable and so much fun! I am going to have to try this one out!


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