Adding Glitter – One Tag, Three Ways

Hi, Jean here to confess that I’m a glitter-newbie. I dabbled with glitter around the holidays, but for the most part, I get easily confused when I see the wide array of glitter choices on the market for today's crafter. 

I decided to delve into some glitter techniques to “up my glitter game” by creating tags with Neat and Tangled’s newly released Sketchy Cupcakes stamp set. 

To focus on the techniques, I kept the tag design and stamp choices the same in each. I also stayed with pink glitter, although the shades of pink are different.

Let’s take a look!

First up, I heat embossed American Craft POW glitter paper for the cupcake top. I also heat embossed the solid cupcake bottom with white embossing powder on white cardstock (I have never tried this before, but definitely like the look!). Word of caution – on my first try, I accidentally melted the glitter paper while heating the embossing powder. I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure that this product is intended for heat embossing, but I thought I’d include it in the list nevertheless. The paper is probably best used as a background. 

Next, I tried the American Crafts Zing! glitter embossing powder. Zing! embossing powder is a mixture of glitter and embossing powder so the application is relatively simple. I stamped with Versamark, shook the Zing! powder onto the image, and sealed with my heat gun.

Finally, I wanted to try Ranger’s Stickles™ Dry Fine glitter. I stamped the cupcake with the Ranger Emboss It ink pad, then shook the Ranger Sticky embossing powder onto the image. When heat embossed, this powder provides a sticky stamped surface for adhering. Once I’d heated the powder, I covered the image with the dry glitter. I then briefly heated the image a bit more.

I've summarized my findings in the chart below. If you're willing to put up with a bit of mess, then the Ranger glitter is the most "glittery" and my recommendation.

I've barely "touched the tip of the iceberg" in terms of glitter options in this article. For example, I haven’t addressed glitter glues at all, which I know are a favorite for many crafters. It’s definitely a relatively easy way to add glitter without a lot of mess. There's also microfine glitter, which deserves an article unto itself.

What’s your favorite way to add glitter to your project?



  1. My favorite ways to add glitter are Stickles glitter glue and the Spica glitter pens.
    I never would have thought to emboss on the POW glitter paper. That's a great idea.

  2. thank you Jean! Great examples and very helpful! I'm bookmarking this!


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