Oh, Snap!

Happy Monday!

I sit here listening to a screaming baby as I type this. Praying it will take my mind off the crying.  Little M has started rolling, which means we can no longer swaddle him when he sleeps (for fear of him rolling onto his tummy and not being able to roll back). So today starts the transition. This seems nearly impossible as he constantly puts his hands in his mouth (which wakes/frustrates him) so I have no idea how he will ever stop doing that long enough to fall sleep. Any advice would be much appreciated.  This breaks my heart, but I know it is necessary.  We went through it a bit with G, but he made the transition fairly easily and is a great sleeper now. This kid, not so much.

This is actually an older project.  For Christmas I got my husband and myself a photography class. It's called "Getting Off Auto", which I so desperately need to learn how to do.  I printed out the voucher and slipped it into this envelope. The stamps are from Studio Calico, they came in one of my monthly kits.

PS- He fell asleep! :o) Now I can finish watching the season finale of Downton Abbey!

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  1. What a cute card and great idea for a present. I would love for me and my husband to take a photography class together. And what an adorable name for it too! LOL! I wish I could offer you help, but my son NEVER put anything in his mouth! Ever. Should have known this would have been signs of his picky eating habits..... Hang in there!


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