Watercoloured Layered Landscape | VIDEO | Natalie Elphinstone

Hi friends!

Today in my video I'm going to share with you how I created this fun and cute masculine card by combining three of my favourite Neat and Tangled stamp sets.

Firstly I'm using one of the new release stamp sets "Layered Landscape" to create a multi-layered background for my card. This stamp set features a number of quite large solid images which you can mix and match to construct all sorts of different scenes like mountain ranges, hills and paddocks, or lakes and water features - there really are a lot of possibilities!

However, I must admit that sometimes I find it a bit tricky with big solid images like this to get a really nice even stamped impression from them. It certainly helps to have a stamp position like the Misti, and to have some good quality pigment inks. But there is an alternative approach!! I call it my watercolour technique and it's all about using dye inks in such a way as to create that lovely loose blended ombre kind of look that you might achieve if you were waterpainting. It tends to hide a multitude of stamping sins, and I think it looks great!

I also used two other stamp sets on this card. "Topography" for the sentiment and the embossed wave patterns in the water, and "Yo Ho Ho" for the cute pirate figures. I think these three stamp sets work extraordinarily well together, even though these other two are from much earlier releases. I love the contrast of the soft watercolour background with the sharp focal images of that boy and his cat, and that embossed water ripple effect is something I want to do again real soon!

You can see the whole card come together in my video!


Have a great week!


  1. I absolutely love cards that combine different stamp sets to create a whole nother level of beauty!! Love this card ♥


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