Using the Truck Box Die | VIDEO | Natalie Elphinstone

Oh my sweets! The new Truck Die from the latest release is so adorable! And did you see what the Creative Team girls did with it at reveal? I'm instantly thinking of Christmas table decorations and gift boxes for birthday parties, but there are so many possibilities!

I've managed to have a bit of a play with it myself.
Of course, once the kids saw that the purpose might be to fill it with lollies they all demanded to have one for themselves too! Even my photoshoot wasn't safe from quick fingers who snuck in to scoop up the prize ;-)

I made some fairly 'basic' models here just to get a feel for all the bits and pieces that came with the Truck Die, and I adore how easy it is to customise the finished look in about a thousand different ways. The front, the back and the sides can all be decorated however you would like. And of course, the Sweet Treats Sentiment Stamp set is just perfect for adding little messages onto your Truck.

And after you've consumed all the treats, the Trucks make a fun toy to play with too!


In my video today I wanted to show you all the details about how to build your Truck. I'll show you what pieces you get in the die set, how to cut it out (even if you don't have extended cutting plates!!), how to customise it, and of course how to assemble it. There are a few helpful hints and tricks along the way too!

You can shop for the Truck Die Set HERE,
and the Sweet Treats Sentiment Stamp Set HERE.


  1. Replies
    1. And there's so many things you can do with it. But my kids just enjoy playing with them! We've had all sorts of car shows and truck races etc going on around our house ever since!

  2. Awesome!! Lovely trucks, and they would sure engage the kids :)

    1. My little kids sure love them... but I'm also imagining the 'grown-up' boys getting a kick out of them if I used them for place-names at Christmas (which is what I'm thinking of doing!)


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