2015 Design Team: Introducing Taheerah Atchia and Yana Smakula

Hello friends! Here today to wrap up our 2015 design team introductions!

Last, but certainly not least, we have 2 more girls returning from 2014! Taheerah Atchia and Yana Smakula. Both are so incredibly talented, and I am so blessed to have them returning for 2015!

My name is Yana Smakula, I’m 20-smth years old and I’m from Ukraine. I’ve been married for a little bit over two years now, no kids but we do have two black cats and we can’t live without them! I love to travel across the world and meet new people, discover new cultures and just explore. So far together with my husband we’ve been to a few places in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic and UK), Africa (Egypt, Tunisia and Israel), Asia (China and Sri Lanka) and USA. Our next dream destination is Madagascar, I hear the nature there is simply breathtaking!
I used to live in USA (in Las Vegas, NV) when I was teen and I fell in love with this country (I was a foreign exchange high school student).
I enjoy scrapbooking and I mostly scrapbook about our travels (I often take long pauses from scrapbooking when I have no new travel photos to scrapbook). My other passion is cardmaking – I enjoy trying new products and techniques, experimenting and creating in different styles. I’m very much into stamping and die cutting although I never really though I was until I took a closer look at my cards and noticed almost all of them use stamps and dies!
I love Christmas and its my favorite time of the year. I’m fascinated by American Christmas and Christmas Traditions – I love all the decorations, nativity villages, lights, trees, wrapped gifts, shaped cookies, you name it! Every year I go absolutely crazy decorating our apartment for the holidays.

Hi everyone! I'm Taheerah and I am so giddily excited and happy to be a part of the Neat & Tangled DT family for another year! :-)
I'm a 30-plus-a-few Londoner now living in the North West of England with my beautiful cats. I work in IT by day and craft by night! I love all things geeky - having a background in science and working in my profession I guess that can't be avoided! I've always been creative but stamping and cardmaking have truly captured my heart and my imagination. I love experimenting with most styles and am definitely a huge lover of trends. I really thrive on pushing my skills and creative eye to the limit, so my work is frequently packed with techniques, outside-the-box uses of product, and clever details! Neat & Tangled's fabulous products fit perfectly with my love for fresh, trendy and edgy design - with just a hint of cute thrown in - I just love making their products shine!!
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I don't know about you, but I am SO excited to see what this design team has in store for us for 2015!


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