Card Drive For Grayson Reopened - Please Send More Cards!

Hello friends. It is with much sadness that I am writing this post. You may recall back in January I started a card drive for a sweet little boy, Grayson.  He had been diagnosed with brain cancer and I had hoped to bring him some smiles with your cards.  The drive was a success! Grayson and his brother, Aydan, LOVED your cards! They received over 200! His mom, Jackie, wrote a little about the joy it brought them in her own blog post HERE

Since then Grayson has undergone chemotherapy and had relative success in that his very aggressive tumor has not grown, but it also has not shrunk. This is hopeful news though because the chemo was at least making the tumor "behave".

This weekend Grayson was involved in an accident at home which has left his foot severely injured. They are unsure if it will need to be amputated or not, and the entire situation is further complicated because of his cancer.  His chemo has to be put on hold until they can decide what to do about his foot. Until then he is staying in the hospital. You can read it in Jackie's words HERE.

It seems so unfair that a small child must be put through so much. And I cannot begin to imagine how his family feels. I know that my own heart aches. I think when you become a mom you hurt for all children suffering, not just your own.

I am restarting the card drive for Grayson.  As before you can send cards to Grayson, his big brother Aydan, and/or the entire family.  Please NO "Get Well" cards,  just funny, happy, cute encouraging cards to bring a smile to their faces.

Mail cards to:

Grayson Savery (and/or Aydan Savery, and/or The Savery Family)
c/o Danielle Walls
P.O Box 5808
Wilmington, DE 19808

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and PLEASE share with all your crafting friends!


  1. Oh, Danielle. This is just heartbreaking. I will make cards for both boys and the family, and send them out as soon as possible.

  2. This is just so sad. I sent the boys cards last time and will definitely do it again this time!

  3. My heart breaks for this poor child and his family! I'm so glad you're re-starting the card drive for him...Bless your heart, and thanks, Danielle!

  4. I agree with you 100%, when you're a mom you hurt for all children who are suffering. Bless his little heart, and his families.

  5. Just read this for the first time. So glad you are doing this and that you are including his brother also. So many times the sibling is forgotten. I'll be sending cards. Thank you for doing this.

  6. So sorry to hear the trials this family is going through. I will once again be sending cards to them...thank you for being a shining light for them!

  7. Not fair for a sweet innocent to be so ill.
    My card will be on it's way

  8. What a wonderful thing to do! Is that postal address in the USA?


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