Halloween Treat Toppers

Jean here with some Halloween treat bag toppers. Whether for a party favor or a trick-or-treating handout, these are fun and easy to make. I have created two versions with a combination of Neat & Tangled stamps. Because the cellophane bags I’m using are 4” wide, the toppers are the same width.

For the first version, I cut out a 4” x 4” piece of cardstock and scored it in the center so that when folded in half, the topper is 4” wide x 2” tall. I stamped a background in black with one of the Little Tangles stamps. I added a stamped ghost and bat from the Halloween Scene set, and a sentiment that I stamped onto a notched piece of cardstock.
    Halloween Treat Topper

For the second version, I added a bit more detail. In order to accommodate more elements, I increased the size of the topper. I scored a 6” x 4” cardstock piece in the center so that when folded it is 4” wide by 3” tall. I placed a die-cut circle onto the stamped background on which I included a ghost, a fence and a moon from the Halloween Scene set and a gravestone from Graveyard Shift. I added Stickles to the moon and the ghost for a bit of shimmer.

  Halloween Treat Topper

Got an upcoming party for which you need a lot of treat bags? To streamline the process for creating the toppers in quantity (using the first topper as an example):
  • Cut and score topper cardstock squares/rectangles; you can cut four from an 8 ½ x 11 piece of cardstock Cut sentiment banners from cardstock; 
  • Ink up Little Tangles stamp in black and stamp all of the cardstock backgrounds;
  • Stamp sentiment on banners; 
  • Stamp the ghost;
  •  Stamp and emboss bat;
  • Glue sentiment, ghost and bat to topper; 
  • Fill treat bags and attach toppers.



  1. awesome idea! i keep forgetting how quick & easy these are to make. love how you combined sets in these!

  2. That's so cool! I love the idea, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love these treat toppers what a great idea!


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