Fresh Blooms Lantern

Hello friends! It's Linda here :)

I'm so excited to be bringing you an extra project today, it's one I've been working on for several weeks and I'm so thrilled with the end result!

I was wandering aimlessly around determinedly searching Pinterest a few months ago (for what, I'm not sure) and I found an idea I was really hoping to try out myself. I however, can't find the pin again (lol) so I'll just have to show you MY version :)

This was so very simple to make, it just took some time to fussy cut the flowers out :)

(This would only take most people a few hours to cut out, but I'm a terribly slow cutter, plus I have small children who interrupt me every 2.1 seconds)

Here are a few more photos so you can see the different angles (the flowers wrap around the lantern in three 'bands')

You can see the ends of the band swirl inwards rather than ending stiffly in a straight line. I wanted them to look as natural and organic as possible.

 Please ignore my two-tone walls. The rest of the hallway is my job for this week :)

All I did was stamp the large and small flower from Fresh Blooms MANY times on Neenah Solar White cardstock, cut them all out. I used a Memento black marker to run around the edge of each flower to take away the white edges from the cardstock (this gives the flowers-or any cut image) a more store-bought/pre-made look, rather than looking like they were cut by hand).

Next I separated them into four fairly even groups and sprayed them with Dylusions Ink Spray in Bubblegum Pink, Squeezed Orange, Lemon Zest and Vibrant Turquoise.

(I use an old shipping box to do my misting/spraying in. Just lay the flowers out all over the bottom of the box in a single layer--no overlapping--and spray from about 6-8 inches away. Give them a minute to dry enough to pick up, then put them somewhere safe to finish drying out.)

Next I used a gluegun to put a small amount of hot glue in the very centre of the back of each flower and stuck it onto my lantern in an 'flowing' swirl pattern. (The lantern is just a paper-style party lantern I got for around $2 from a local craft store)
To add a little shimmer, I dusted the flowers with some Perfect Pearls (in Perfect Pearl colour, which is kind of translucent). It just looks magical in real life!
I plan on making at least two more of these, I think a cluster of 3 would look lovely in the hallway or in a corner over a side table!

I really love those flowers in Fresh Blooms and I can 't wait to use them again to make more home decor projects like this!

I hope this project has inspired you to try something exciting for your own home! If you do, don't forget to add your photos to our flickr group! We'd love to see what you make.

Thank you so much for stopping by

see you soon!

Linda x

Here are the crafty goodies I used for this project--just click the thumbnails to purchase!:



  1. Linda this is completely gorgeous! I love EVERYTHING about it. The white base, the colors you chose, and that swirly pattern! It's simply amazing :)

  2. Linda, this looks amazing!!! I love that you sprayed the flowers -- at first I thought you had colored them all with copics and I thought you were nuts! haha. But really, it is gorgeous!! I love it!!

  3. Beautiful! But did I see you say you were going to make two more? After all that fussy cutting? Wow! :) Love the spray colors you picked too, I'm going to try some of those spray inks very soon. Just Fabulous, If I had more time in the day I would consider doing this to the paper lanterns over my craft desk. :)

  4. This is amazing, Linda! So fresh and pretty!

  5. Its Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the idea!

  6. Wow! That is gorgeous! Love your walls too. I can't believe you fussy cut all those flowers!

  7. gorgeous! Goes so well with your new wall color!

  8. Wow! You have been a very busy and creative girl! I love the gorgeous colours and flower placement on your lantern. BTW the blue looks great on your wall, too!

  9. Holy cow, woman, this is awesome!

  10. This is adorable, and oh, so, labor intensive - that is a LOT of fussy cutting! Whew.... Thanks for sharing your beautiful project, and I love that the walls in the background match so well! Great job :)

  11. Linda, I saw that pin too..Yours turned out FAMOUSLY!
    That's some fussy cutting dedication:)

  12. Is this the "fussy cutting hell" you referred to on Twitter a while back? LOL Well, it was worth Every. Single. Flower. AMAZING. Absolutely stunning. WOW!!

  13. Fabulous, Linda! Wonderful color choices.

  14. How beautifully this turned out! I may have to try it myself!

  15. Linda this is just beautiful! I bet your girls just love it! Waht a festive touch for your house:)

  16. absolutely stunning Linda! so creative... beautifully organic. love it!

  17. Oh, Linda That is a lot of fussy cutting, but well worth the effort. Lovely home decor item!

  18. How cool!
    And OMGosh!!
    You fussy cut all those gorgeous blooms!!
    I bow to you!
    And few hours...?
    Try a few weeks...
    They would taunt me daily! :(
    Fabulous project! :)

  19. That is beautiful! I love the colors you used.

  20. WOW Girlie!!!! This is just FANTABULOUS!!!! I love the colors, the pattern you made and the complete genius of it all. It's just AH-MAZE-NG!!!

  21. WOW!!! This is an AWESOME project!!! ;o)

  22. oh be still my heart! linda - you'll fly over and make one for me, yes? :) it's stunning and you're taking this paper crafting / home decor to a new leverl. truly stunning... i might have to CASE this idea on a smaller scale. Just stunning...


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