Getting Started Guide Week 7: The Write Stuff

I'm sorry this video was so delayed! Again with the beautiful weather and playing outside.  But here they are!  I did two videos for this week. The first covers general writing tools I use, and some coloring options besides markers. The second covers the basics of Copics. I do not do any coloring, but simply explain what Copics are and the identification system.

If you have questions let me know! Everything is linked at the very bottom.

::What it means::

Letter::: What color family it belongs to
R= Red
YR= Yellow Red
Y = Yellow
YG= Yellow Green
G= Green
BG= Blue Green
B= Blue
BV= Blue Violet
V= Violet
RV= Red Violet
E= Earth
N= Neutral, W= Warm, C= Cool, T= Toner

First Number::: How vibrant or bright the color
0 = Very Bright (Good for adding highlights)
9= Very Dull

Second Number::: How saturated the color 
0 = Very Light
5= Mid-tone
9 = Very Dark

Rules for picking colors to blend naturally
1. Same letter
2. Same first number
3. Second numbers are 2-4 digits apart (ie. V01, V05, V09)

Colorless Blender

A good marker to pick up to help with pushing and fading/lightening colors. Despite the name, it's not really used for blending.

This is obviously a lot of information, and it's just the bare minimum. So, if you have any questions let me know.  I'm going to try to put together a post of some good Copic resources/blogs as well.



  1. Great videos again this week! Haha, it took me a while to realize the gray on the brush tip end of the copics too! It is very helpful!!

  2. I definitely want a colored pencil tutorial.

  3. I would love if you could demonstrate your color pencil tutorial using baby oil.

    Also would you consider doing a video on glitter glue or embossing techniques


  4. Great explanation for decoding the numbers. Thanks!

  5. Love your video about the writing tools...I would love to see how you colour with pencil crayons and memento markers.


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