Ikea Haul

The mini kitchen/entrance way remodel started today, so we were evicted from the house once again.  What's a family to do?  Road trip to Ikea!

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like Ikea? If you don't, we can't be friends.

So we took the 45 minute drive to our nearest Ikea to pick up a few last items to finish up the basement, as well as a few other mini updates around the house.  Here is what we snagged:

Bygel Rail

Bekvam Step Stool

Billy Bookshelves

Busa Children's Tent

Busa Children's Tunnel

Bygel Containers

Lillabo Train Set

Mammut Chair

Rajtan Spice Jars

Ribba Frames

Sansad Children's Table

Snille Swivel Chair

Mala Drawing Paper

Mala Table Top Paper Holder

I had ordered a bunch of big furniture (book shelves, tables, etc.) a few weeks ago and had it delivered because there was no way we could ever fit it in our little SUV.  I should be able to do a reveal of my new studio in a week or so. Hubby still needs to hang some shelves.

Oh, based on the items above, can you tell who made out the best from this trip? Your choices: Me, Husband, G.   Let me give you a hint, 8 of the 14 items above are for someone under the age of 2.  To be honest, the only things for me are the chair, jars, and frames.  The bookshelves are for the new nursery.

Well, the oven timer just went off. It's 9:30pm and I decided to make chocolate chip banana muffins.  What? I was hungry.  


  1. I'm dying to see what your purchased, but your pictures aren't working :(

  2. I understand. I fell in love with the allrecipes.com choc. chip banana muffins not long ago... yum.


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