Monday Funday

Do you follow me on Twitter? If you do, then you'll know how my day ended yesterday.  After a long, hot, busy (but fun) day, my husband went out to a baseball game, and I was in charge. Things were going well, and then it all just took a turn.  Little G pooped in the tub. This was partially my fault because I was busy reorganizing the bathroom closet and missed him saying he had to go potty.  So I pulled him out and got to cleaning.  This prolonged bathtime by about 30 minutes. I was exhausted by the time I had gotten him dressed, book read, and into bed.  I came out to the living room, looking forward to plopping down on the couch and passing out when I discovered that my darling dog Lucy and vomited all over the couch.  This was not my fault, since she decided to dig through the trash earlier that day.  I'm sure all the old leftovers she consumed contributed to her sick spell.  I spend the better part of an hour cleaning up the couch and showering (again, since I had been sweating so much between cleaning up the tub episode and the couch).

This is a quick card I whipped up for the Playdate Cafe Color Challenge for this week using my new favorite Hero Arts background stamp.

Here are the colors:

Here is my card:

Oh, and check this out....Ikea furniture arrived!  My poor husband is going to be very busy.  We also picked up the baby crib and dresser today. Lots of assembling on his to-do list.

I also successfully built myself a light box.  We shall see if it actually helps to improve my photos. I took pictures of the process and will do a step-by-step for those of you interested in making your own.

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Very striking card, love the image. Hope your night improves and there is less of the vomit and poop lol. Tracy x

  2. Oh, my gracious! I think that you're living in my shoes! LOL! Your first paragraph is awfully familiar to me ;). Your card is stunning! LOVE all those bright, happy, scrumptiously bold colors with the pops of white! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at The Play Date Cafe!

  3. Wow! Your card is just gorgeous! It's so simple yet so striking - it's beautiful! I'm sorry to hear that your luck is about as good as mine - the only way is up hey! :) thank you for inspiring me, oh and I think I now have another stamp to add to my never ending wish list - oops!

  4. You poor, poor thing, Danielle! I can relate, with my niece & nephew . . . my furbabies . . . but I have not been *pregnant* while dealing with those messes, so I take my hat off to you! :-)
    Your card is awesome! a) Yes, that is a great background stamp! and b) your shading is superb! I don't think I've ever seen shading done better, and I've seen quite a bit of it! Perfect sentiment too!
    I can't wait to see your finished craft room! It's gonna be amazing!

  5. Stunning card - love the gradient effect. I can see why that stamp is one of your faves. Hope you have a better day without the extra hassles :)

  6. Very striking card with lots of beautiful colours.
    You'll soon look back on the events of the last few days and laugh!! But ... while you're in the middle of it all, it can be a real challenge. Hope the rest of your week is a little more relaxing.
    Can't wait to see your light box and your finished ceaft room.

  7. Fabulous bright card Danielle! - sounds like just what you needed after that day! Thanks for playing along at the Play Date Cafe :)


  9. love that card!!! i feel for you... we had a day full of twin diaper blow-outs, spit-up, and doggie sickness in the living room a few weeks ago. the day was spent shampooing the carpet and i was shut out of my fav nursing couch! can't wait to see that light box!

  10. Whoa, what a day you had! Sounds gross, lol! But you still managed to create a gorgeous card! Love the big floral pattern & bold colors.


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