Plaid Stamping Tutorial

It's Pamela here again!  I know there are probably tons of plaid stamping photo & video tutorials out there, but a few people have asked me to do a tutorial on my previous post, and so I did :)

It's my first one so pardon my video editing and some of the useless things that I say.  You also get a sneak peak of an upcoming stamp set for July!

Plaid Stamping

Turn the volume up to hear my squeaky voice :) I was having some troubles setting up the camera so I just improvised with the tripod that I have on hand. Unfortunately, this meant that it had to be filmed from the side facing me so everything is upside down.

A few tips mentioned in the video:
» Stamp a plaid sample on scrap paper first to see if the colors work well together.

» I prefer dye inks over pigment/chalk inks for plaid because dye inks overlap better. When blue dye overlaps with yellow dye, you get green dye. When blue chalk overlaps with yellow chalk, you get... blue chalk.

» If you don't want gaps or too much overlaps, you can use post-its to mask the prior stripe. This way, eyeballing will be soooo much easier!


-- Pamela


  1. Holy crud!!! I'm speechless! Pamela is my hero forever and ever!

    Thanks for the video Pamela.

  3. Very cool! Thanks so much for the video!

  4. Loved the video, Pamela!

  5. Wonderful video tutorial. I have not seen this before and will be trying it after seeing how fun and pretty this looks :D
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  6. Thanks for making this video!! Hope to see more videos from Pamela! You rock, Pamela!


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