Sparkle & Shine

Hello everybody ! Amandine here, I am delighted to see you for Christmas !

Today I present you a card made with the set bright baubles !

For this card, I wanted a very colorful Christmas tree, and my distress associated with glossy accent gave me the perfect effect!

It is a very simple card, but a card full of life I find when viewed! What do you think ?

Hoping that this card inspires a last minute idea if you do not have a map on hand to offer! I'll see you tomorrow for another card to offer and I can not wait to unveil!

And if you ever celebrate Christmas tonight, I wish you all a very good Christmas Eve!


  1. This is really sweet Amandine. So simple yet SO pretty! Merry Christmas/

  2. Such a cute card! Really loving those shiny bright baubles!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. This reminds me of my Charlie Brown tree stamp. It's not an actual Charlie Brown tree stamp but it looks like the tree from the movie. I never thought to do that with the circles though on my tree. I may have to give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh yeah, I love your tree!

  4. BEAUTIFUL card - LOVE the design and colours - THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION!!! ... I had such a MAD RUSH with our cards this year that I'm starting the ones for next year NOW :)

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