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Hello Hello!

I'm so excited to be here to show you my project today. It's a project that I've had in my head for M.O.N.T.H.S. I'm so so happy it turned out the way I'd hoped!

So you know how at Christmastime, children write letters to Santa? Well I've seen around the traps lately, a lot of online services offering a return letter FROM Santa, which you have to pay for.  They insert the child's name, write something generic about their letter and yay! However, wouldn't it be nice to have a really personalised one?!

So that's what I created  :)

*this post is photo heavy, so please bear with me! I wanted to show how I did it step by step*

 Here's the step by step:

First of all, I tore a piece out of an artist sketchbook I have. You could use anything, but I wanted it to be heavier and better quality. I don't think Santa would by the cheap notebooks in the $1 bin LOL. The paper I chose has a really thick texture to it.

To begin my letter 'assembly', I typed up my text in Microsoft Word, I made sure the sizing was at 100% so I could see the real size of the page on my screen. I chose a font that looked 'scripty' and handwritten but not so difficult and fiddly that a child couldn't read it (a child older than my 4 year old that is).

Next I printed it out using the draft setting (to use less ink) on normal printer/copy paper and checked my sizing against the piece of artist paper I was using for the letter.

Then, holding both pieces up to a light I (temporarily) adhered my heavy weight paper (the one I'd be using for the finished product) on TOP of the copy paper (that I'd printed the draft version on). This allowed me to move the paper around till the wording sat exactly where I wanted it.

After I'd positioned it where I wanted it, with only a little adhesive right at the top of the letter (on the back), I ran it back through my printer and the letter re-printed in exactly the same place, but this time, onto the linen-finish artist paper. 
By taking the time to do it this way, i had perfect placement and didn't have to waste any good quality artist paper.

This is how it looked straight out of the printer, still adhered to the copy paper.

Next I set to decorating it.

First I gave the paper a watermark finish, using the NP stamp (in the circle) and Versamark ink. You can't see it too well in this photograph but it's definitely a nice finishing touch to the heavy duty paper. See the texture on it? Its amazing in real life.

Then I heat embossed the same image I'd used for the watermark, but using a pretty pinky-red embossing powder from American Crafts. I thought this was a nice version of a wax seal on official documents. (And clearly, St Nick would have a wax seal wouldn't he?!)

Here is the letter in full: 
You can see I added the Naughty/Nice checklist (I deliberately left a space for that). I used a different coloured ink (red) for the tick (check mark) to make it look more realistic.  I love that the black Versafine Ink looks so sharp and BLACK on the paper (versus the slightly different toned black of the printer ink). It adds to the 'real-ness' of the letter.

You can see I also 'signed' the letter with the SC initials. I considered writing the name Santa Claus myself, but I think this is a nice touch. I used the same red ink for the tick mark as well, so it appeared as though Santa had written it himself.

My next job was to make an envelope. I chose some cream/off-white cardstock and hand-cut/scored the envelope using my Martha Stewart scoreboard. I then decorated the envelope with the stamps you see below. I heat embossed the 'elf official' stamp using the same pinky-red embossing powder. I thought it looked super cute as a substitute for a postage stamp (and more realistic). I also added a 'reindeer approved' and the hoof-print down the bottom. (Think reindeer-customs LOL)

I love love LOVE the 'from the desk of SC' up the top. It makes me smile.

On the back of the envelope, I added the NP stamp again, in a different brighter red embossing powder to give the look of a wax seal again.

Using the same elements in several places over the whole project not only helps it to look more cohesive, but it makes it look more realistic. Letter sets DO have repeating elements/motifs throughout them so this seemed appropriate.

Now a funny little story before I leave you, I showed this to my husband to ask his opinion after I'd finished it and his eyes went WIDE and he looked VERY flustered as he asked me where I got it. He admitted to me later, that for a moment, he seriously thought it was real, from THE Santa. Now, as a guy who is VERY grounded in 'reality' who never really believed in Santa, I consider this to be a successful job :) I made him believe! Christmas Spirit for the win! haha

Ok! That's all for me!

This project HONESTLY only took me about 20 minutes in total, it was really quick and easy to do.
You could personalise your letter with specifics relating to your child's letter, or as I did, I kept it fairly neutral, but added in pieces of 'information' I knew my daughter would find interesting (i.e. the reindeer are on a strict diet of Snowflakes and North Pole roasted Macadamia nuts till the big day to keep them fit) she loves random factoids like that :)

Hope you enjoyed!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

I'll see you soon!

Linda x


  1. O...M...G!!! This is just FABULOUS!!!! I may just have to borrow this!!!! Great job Linda! You are so stinkin' creative!

  2. Linda this is AWESOME! Wish you had been around when my kids were little! So is Isabelle allowing Santa to come this year? I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

  3. This is amazing. Love all the details! And HAHAHA about DH. :D

  4. So wonderful down to every last detail, Linda!


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