New Video Series! Shhh...Mommy's Hiding

Hey friends!

Today is the first video in what I hope to be a weekly series. There really is no theme. I figure I'll go with some of your requests and then do them as I think of fun things to share. So feel free to comment or email me with any requests (if you've made a request about colored pencils I do have that one written down)

The new series is tenatively titled "Shhh Mommy's Hiding and...(whatever I do that week)". I called it this because I typically tell my husband I'm going to go hide in my studio when I craft, and I usually hide in the bathroom and catch up on blogs/videos. So the title seemed fitting. I actually had several requests for a video on paper piecing so here it is! A few tips I share:

1. Get good scissors...I like these Cutterbee ones
2. When cutting turn and rotate the paper, not your scissors
3. Take your time!
4. Use a black marker (I like this Memento Tuxedo Black one) to outline your image after cutting to sharpen the black lines
5. White gel pens are fun :)

Here is the finished butterfly. Be sure to stop by on Thursday to see the card I made using this beauty :)



  1. ha! I love the name of your video series :) Nicely done.

  2. Great video, love all the details explained.

  3. Gorgeous! You captured me at your blog title!

  4. Great video...love the name of the series too!

  5. cutey cute cute! I'll hide out with you :)

  6. Good tips - excellent video! Haha, that is hilarious that you read blogs in the bathroom!

  7. Okay I know there are a lot of videos out there about paper piecing but this one is a need to WATCH! Great useful tips with a nice flow...are you sure this is your first?
    Three things...
    1. Tombo mono multi is my all time fave (like three bottles in my drawer fave).
    2. super cute name. Any of us with kids can totally relate.
    3. Love that nail polish :)

  8. Great video, beautiful butterfly!!! I look forward to your other videos and I can't wait to see the card you made with this!

  9. Awesome video Danielle! This is going to be a really fun series! Your butterfly is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Excellent title for your video (heehee) - the butterfly is stunning :)

  11. Excellent detail in this vid. Your meticulous attention is remarkable and your tips are much appreciated.

  12. Great video! Love the name of your series...terrific tips!

  13. Great video & I love the nail polish too :D Honestly, paper piecing has never even crossed my mind but I'm definitely gonna give a try now. TFS!

  14. I really love the name of your video series... totally can relate... as i always hide from my children too when i craft, catch up with blog and videos... lol :)



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